You can purchase some of our sails without the boom and mast.

Read more about the Kona One sail
Read more about the Summer sail
The Spark sail is only available as a complete rig

Remember to pick your sail according to weight or skill level

The smaller sail sizes 3.5, 4.2 and 5.0 should be selected according to skill level.
Your weight < 55 kg select sail size 5.8 m2
Your weight < 65 kg select sail size 7.4 m2 or 6.6 m2
Your weight < 75 kg select sail size 7.8 m2
Your weight < 85 kg select sail size 8.2 m2
Your weight < 98 kg select sail size 9.0 m2
Your weight > 98 kg select sail size 9.8 m2

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