One design

For one design racing

The One Design sail is Kona’s most exclusive sail and the one to be used together with the Kona One. They are the two components that compose the one design class where the sail size is depended of the sailor’s weight. The design of the sail has carefully been improved each season to perfection making this the sail to accompany the Kona One or any of our windsurfing boards. Thanks to its great flexibility it will serve the sailor in all conditions. It can be rigged from full power in light conditions to reduced power making it enjoyable and controllable in winds exceeding 30 knots. It is extremely well balanced using a carbon mast. The sections of the sail taking the most pressure also have been reinforced for endurance and longtime use. The One Design sail is also available in a complete x-ply version (special order), aimed for windsurfing school.

The smaller sail sizes 3.5, 4.2 and 5.0 should be selected according to skill level.
Your weight < 55 kg select sail size 5.8 m2
Your weight < 65 kg select sail size 7.4 m2 or 6.6 m2
Your weight < 75 kg select sail size 7.8 m2
Your weight < 85 kg select sail size 8.2 m2
Your weight < 98 kg select sail size 9.0 m2
Your weight > 98 kg select sail size 9.8 m2

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