About Kona Windsurfing

Kona Windsurfing is a Swedish corporation since 2010.
Business concept
The business concept is to develop, manufacture, and sell windsurfing and water sport related quality products under the brand name Kona. The main target is people, from kids to seniors, living a social and active life in close relation to water.

The mission is to create the best user experience and friendship primarily within windsurfing and stand up paddle boarding but also in other forms of water sport activities.

The vision is to make Kona branded products and services available all around the world, offering an outstanding experience. Anywhere where there is water, there is potential for Kona.

Our strategy is to offer a complete concept built on the Kona brand, availability, lifestyle, events, regattas, quality and excellence in service.

The user experience should always be excellent. We only offer high quality products with a special emphasis on attractive design.

The concept is available through a worldwide network of independent partners. Partners operate non-exclusively in their local market and collaborate with other partners, associations, and Kona Windsurfing.

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Our mailing address is:
Kona Windsurfing AB
Stjänvägen 8
Motala 59172

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